Friday, May 9, 2014

Friday Favorites


My husband bought me my favorite perfume for my birthday. I was completely surprised and definitely excited.



They were having one of those fragrance promotions where you get a free gift. Since my sister in law picked it up for my husband she selected the tote.



She knows me so well. I love it.



Paint. It's all I think about these days. We completed the bathrooms, but still have the rest of the house to go.


Not really a favorite thing to be honest, but it's what's going on right now. Hoping to finally decide on a color today and get painting this weekend.



Last weekend we made a trip to Ikea, which is pretty much the most amazing store on Earth in my opinion. Anyway, we came home with this beautiful thing.


Barely though. We had to take it out of the box, squish it in, and squish the kids in. It was a long drive home.



And I'm loving these books. Gives me a glimpse into the thoughts of my little guy and how to handle situations with him.



Happy Friday!


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Blue Trailer

My grandpa is still here visiting. My dad decided to repair the old blue trailer they got from my grandpa years ago. The wooden boards weren't in the best shape and needed replaced.


The boards had to be treated and it'll be a couple days before it's reassembled and painted.


I spent most of the day outside with my grandpa and the kids.




What I didn't realize about the trailer is that my grandpa built it in 1965. We talked about the 60's, how much food has changed over the years, we talked about World War II, and some of the jobs he's had since then. He told me how hard it is to lose your spouse, and how much he liked living in South Carolina.


Who knew you could learn so much sitting around a blue trailer?


Friday, May 2, 2014

Friday Favorites




Scored 4 pair of shoes for my husband and the kids at Sears for only...wait for it....$21! Between their 30% off clearance sale and they're BOGO1/2 off sale, we saved a ton.



Remember the birdhouse? Yeah, no birds. So my husband and the kids thought we should get a feeder to attract them. We went with a finch feeder. Every day a couple of finches pay us a visit. This brings great excitement to the little folks here.

And in case you were wondering, the birdhouse is still empty.



This place. This glorious place.

Free delicious meal with family. Perfect way to spend your birthday, if you ask me.



And lastly, watching my husband doing his nightly devotion with the kids is something that never gets old and is most definitely a favorite thing.


Happy Friday.


Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Growing Up

Tomorrow is my birthday. I'll be 27. And while that's so young, it's interesting because the last few years I've actually watched people grow up. Now that makes me feel pretty ancient. And it brings back memories.


Most people struggle. It can be hard from going to being a "kid," and your folks doing most stuff for you, to being expected to do things on your own.

It can be hard live a life of fun and minor responsibility to having to stand on your own two feet and sacrifice pleasure for what's required.

Then there's the whole friend-shifting thing.

It's pretty intense to have so much change at such a critical time in your life.

But you know what? It's necessary. It's what truly matures you. It's where you learn to rely on The Lord and believe in yourself.

And it prepares you, because's always changing. We go through those same feelings multiple times over.


You become an "adult" and you're life is turned upside down.

You get married and your life changes.

You have kids and it changes more than you can comprehend and it's changing daily.

People come in and put of your life for different reasons.

You hit ruts of this, that, and the other and your life flips upside down.

Some good, some bad. Mostly, both at the same time. But changing nevertheless.

A few months ago I went through the lowest time of my life, and it wasn't because of anyone at all. Looking back I can see it was just a lesson.


These are all things we learn from. These are things that shape us and mold us. And the best part of it is you learn that your trust in Jesus is what's going to keep you.

People fail us. We fail people. It's part of life.

But Jesus? Never.

He sticks closer than family. And He's the only one who can truly understand our pain and concern. The more we learn to rely on Him, the more peace we'll have.

Will there be more dark trials? You bet. A lot of them. But we'll handle it better because we'll know to place it at His feet.

Growing isn't always fun. In fact, it rarely is. But it's our decision how to handle it that matters.

It's part of your story. Make it a good one.


Monday, April 28, 2014

Pretzels and Trucks

Saturday was National Pretzel Day and our local pretzel place was offering free pretzels and balloon animals. Two of the kids' favorite things.


After we left there we went to Touch a Truck at the Fire House.




One of their favorite books is The Fire Engine, so they were so excited to see this old hook and ladder truck and wanted their picture taken with it.


Dallas loved blowing the horn on the school bus.



Sadie just wanted to ride the "jeep," aka golf cart.




Friday, April 25, 2014

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!



Here are some things I'm loving this week...


I'm in love with these shoes. Slightly higher than what I'm comfortable wearing while chasing kids around, but still amazing. Got them as an early birthday gift. LOVE!



I love this resurrection garden my mom made with my kiddos before Easter. Such a pretty and simple reminder of what Easter is really about. The kids love telling me the story.



My husband and I are low carb people and I have to tell you, I'm loving this protein-packed meal! It's good a breakfast, lunch or dinner. Steak and eggs.



I'm still plugging away at the 40 bags in 40 days challenge. This is one of my favorite challenges ever. I'm not keeping track of how many bags or days I go, though. I'll be done when our house is clutter free, and I even then I'm confident I could find even more to get rid of! It feels so good getting rid of junk that stresses me out.



And this verse has been such an encouragement to me lately.

"Behold the fowls of the air: for they sow not, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feedeth them. Are ye not much better than they?" Matthew 6:26

When the future isn't clear, I must remember that He's the one holding it.




Wednesday, April 23, 2014

7 Things I've Learned About Marriage

On Monday my husband and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary. We're practically still just newlyweds, but in 7 years I've learned some things.

1. All decisions should be made together.

This isn't popular nowadays, but every time you consult with your spouse about the smaller things you're telling them you value their opinion and trust them.


2. Let it go.

And no, I'm not talking about Frozen. In our human nature we hang onto things. It's ridiculous and harmful. With every little thing I don't like, I could easily let it fester and become an issue, but it's better to let it go. But then, little things never bothered me anyway. ;)


3. Relive memories.

Once you have kids, things become less about each other. It's important to relive the fun eating tater tots late at night. Weird, but it's a fun memory we have so every now and then we stay up late and eat tater tots. Shared memories are beautiful. Don't forget them.


4. Put the other person first.

This is obvious, but so hard. If you know your wife prefers you to hang your coat up when you get home, then do it. If it bugs your husband that you hang your towel on the doorknob, then don't do it. And if you're working at it, but your spouse isn't, remember....let it go. Which leads me to the next thing I've learned.


5. Do the right thing without exception.

In any relationship, if one person is making the effort and the other one isn't, you tend to throw in the towel where your effort is concerned. But this isn't just any relationship. It's a covenant. And whether or not your spouse is working at it, you do the right thing. Because we all have to answer for our own actions. Just because someone else isn't doing what they should, that doesn't give us the right to give up on our end.


6. Never paint your spouse in a negative light.

It's easy, I think for females to do this without realizing it. We complain about dumb stuff that doesn't even really matter, but it's wrong. It's hard, being human and all, but it's something worth working on.


7. Keep an eye to the future.

Whether it's your finances, plans, goals, talk about the future together. And most importantly, talk about your spiritual future together. Make an effort to set spiritual goals for your relationship and family. Remember, a threefold cord is not easily broken.


I'm looking forward to another seven years and seeing our goals play out. It's been a blast and I'm thankful to be married to someone who also has a desire to be in Gods will.


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